and where we are heading for 2022 as a car culture

                                    WORDS AND SNAPS:J.Walker & M.Nguyen


Nearly 20 years has passed since we took the photos you will find below. Had you told us then, what we would see now; we would have thought you to be crazy!

Whats sad in many ways is that the 2002 Sema show marked the end of an era in sport compact tuning. From the late 90’s through 2002, the scene was bold. Cars made statements. Sometimes those statements looked like an identity crisis, lol. Looking back though the statement was simple, individuality. 

Why did we leave the world of bold flashy, and sometimes gaudy builds to now be almost sterile in what we do? We are classics, we enjoy the simple and timeless builds ourselves. Having said that though, we love to see crazy and wild expressions in car builds.

The days are long gone of tail light conversions but lets take a moment to reminisce on those days and appreciate how they paved the way for todays builds.

We know what you are asking, how did those builds pave the way for todays builds. We will let you browse through the photos below and see if you can catch the hints. Before that though lets get into where we are heading. Read below for our take 

The next 20 years…

                 our predictions of what will be the emerging theme of SEMA 2021

                                     WORDS AND SNAPS:J.Walker & M.Nguyen

Okay we can all be honest here, We can not predict the next 20 years. What we can do however is start to see a trend emerging. If we are honest, many of us dont know how to feel about it either. You guessed it, EV.

Why are we dead set against EV? I feel like we need co-exist stickers for EV and combustion vehicles. Many people are feeling excited for EV but they want a stark differentiation drawn between the two types of propelling a vehicle. 

Having our cake and eating it too. This is where it gets fun for those of us who sit here hours a day dreaming of building all types of cars. What we at Jspek are seeing is a blend of EV technology and a resurgence of old school cars. 

We are expecting at SEMA 2021 to see a variety of platforms adopting tesla powerplants. everything from s2k’s to Beatles. What we are hoping to see in the “between” of the two worlds is builders taking EV technology and applying it to combustion vehicles.

What is EV technology? To us it is the advanced control features you see on vehicles such as Tesla and some of the advancements in aero technology. 

What do we want to see? Thats easy for any of us here at Jspek to define. We want to see active aero applied across any platform. We want to see things such as internal and external tire temp sensors. Large led displays. Better lighting. active suspensions. We could go on and on but, our bet for 2021 and beyond is you will see more of this incorporated. 


Now the reason you came…Pics are below. 



SEMA 2002 P1

WORDS AND SNAPS:J.Walker & M.Nguyen


SEMA 2002 P2

WORDS AND SNAPS:J.Walker & M.Nguyen


SEMA 2002 P3

WORDS AND SNAPS:J.Walker & M.Nguyen


SEMA 2002 P4

WORDS AND SNAPS:J.Walker & M.Nguyen



JSPEK X Lonestar supercars

Words: J Walker Photos: T Zak


Parking brake retention





“Lucky offers all types of options on their kits. Check them out at .”

Get lucky this 4th

When Jesse from Lonestar Supercars (yes, Im writing in third person) went searching for a brake upgrade for Tim Zaks infamous Dc5 build, He didnt have to search far. Luckily for him Nick Lopez also a jspek member has a brake company called Lucky Brakes. 


For this build he opted to do front and rear big brake conversion while retaining parking brake. This may be the first Dc5 to ever accomplish this (we think). The lucky kit comes with everything you need. LSS gave a lot of feedback and data to Lucky Brakes so that you can enjoy a hassle free install. Over all they are very pleased with the outcome. Lucky offers all types of options on their kits. Check them out at and tell them Jesse and Tim sent ya.  Back to this brake install, we are including a picture of the rear hydraulic cylinder that utilizes your factory parking cable. The brake line runs through the cylinder then from the cylinder to the caliper. The parking cable actuates a valve that closes off fluid to the  caliper. Is it a true e-brake? Yes and no. so long as you do not lose fluid you can operate it as a e-brake/parking brake. As a bonus we are showing you a sneak peak of the hardlines Jesse did for the front. If you pay attention you will find a million other things he fabricated or made in the same picture(some not so obvious unless you have two cars side by side). LSS is nearing completion of Tims car so expect to see it hit the scene hard very soon.   

The more things change…..

Words: J Walker Photos: T Zak, M Nguyen, L Ferdian, A Bui

The more they stay the same, and for good reason! Usually that saying comes with a negative connotation. The older we get, the more we tend to move back towards our roots. We thought you may enjoy seeing some of our earlier builds. Of course everyone thinks of socal as the mecca of jdm but Houston Texas was always hard in the scene. (We will add more to this gallery soon. if you notice, you will spot the infamous CheeseFrog even !) 

A new normal

Words: J Walker Photos: M Nguyen

2020, what can we say that has not already been spoken, or seen? I am sure, like us, the pandemic changed much of your life. Some lost jobs, some lost friends, some sadly lost loved ones. During the pandemic, we got back to our roots. So many years were spent with the wrong focus. If there was anything good to have happened in 2020 it has to have been the realization that we are still here. 

That last sentence may sound silly to some but think about it…We are still able to do what we love. As we rebuild, we are reminded of just how fortunate we have been to still have such an amazing community called Jspek. 

“If there was anything good to have happened in 2020 it has to have been the realization that we are still here. .”