22 years ago

the birth of the original jdm inspired site

Leonardo Ferdian aka DXLST created Jspek 22 years ago. Jspek/hondaspeed started out as a web forum which rapidly grew to the largest jdm inspired site on the planet. All of the legends in the Jdm scene were frequents from Mark Arcenal, Christian Coujin, Leonard Yee, Nwp fam, 16niss crew, hybrid, hokori, Tjins, even the infamous Joey Lee! Long story short, Jspek was well known. It was one of those places that gave everyone a home.  We threw big shows and meets and drew in people from all over the country. Jspek, like many forums, left the world of Vbulletin. 

Many of the founding members went to their garages after the forums went down and focused on doing what we love, building cars! We stopped building for magazine covers and best of shows and started to recreate what we were known for……building street whores aka purpose built vehicles. We still say “fck fakes” and every once in awhile you may catch a glimpse of a jspek car cruising the streets. We have been ellusive however, let this be your notice, we are back. 

ps…. looking at the picture to the right you can easily see why Leo went by DXLST =)  that picture is circa 99-2000.